This morning I participated in a Mass Workout cum Briskwalk at Marina Waterfront.  The weather was beautiful as we took a 2.8km walk past the Singapore River.  At the end of my walk, I found myself in the midst of a human jam.  I soon realised that there was a ‘bottleneck’ in front caused by participants who stopped to collect their goodie bags.  The situation became chaotic as people started to push forward.  The organisers seemed unable to control the angry crowd who were not given coupons to redeem their goodie bags.  I was standing just in front of the baracades and behind me was an angry crowd pushing and shouting.  I began to fear for my safety as a stampede could happened anytime.  I decided that by hook or by crook I must forced my way out.  Finally I managedd to get out of the mess in one piece.   It was indeed a nightmare in the early morning.


Singapore Idol


Hi…my name is Weewee….I’m only allowed to sit in my owner’s car after my bath.  Normally she would take me along to fetch her daughter from work.  I’m usually well-behaved in the car as I’m scared of falling.  How do I look…give me your comments.


This is the historical city of Ephesus which reminded me of the readings from the bible.  It was indeed remarkable to be able to touch and feel the ruins of this ancient city that existed centuries ago.  

Guizhou – China


These are the minority tribes in Guizhou.  They’re supposed to be one of the poorest people in China.  However, judging from their size, they don’t seem to be undernourished.  During our visit, we donated cash as well as food to the village chief for distribution to the villagers.

Africa Encounter


This is the tribal chief I met in South Africa.  He may look fierce but was actually quite friendly.  He brought us to his house and introduced his two wives and children to us.

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Life is great!


I discovered these two newborns in our garden.   What caught my eyes initially was a birds nest with two eggs inside.  After about a week, I was surprised to see that the two eggs were hatched into two tiny birds resting inside the nest.  Unfortunately after a few days, one of them died, the other one was taken away by the parent.

New and old


My Sri Lankan maid, Mina (right) has gone home after having served my family for 20 years.  She is going to get married to someone she has not even met.  On the day of her departure, she became very emotional.  We gave her $1000 cash and a gold bracelet as farewell gifts.  Standing next to her is our new maid, Lena, from Indonesia.   She has worked for our neighbour previously and is quite familiar with us.