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This morning I participated in a Mass Workout cum Briskwalk at Marina Waterfront.  The weather was beautiful as we took a 2.8km walk past the Singapore River.  At the end of my walk, I found myself in the midst of a human jam.  I soon realised that there was a ‘bottleneck’ in front caused by participants who stopped to collect their goodie bags.  The situation became chaotic as people started to push forward.  The organisers seemed unable to control the angry crowd who were not given coupons to redeem their goodie bags.  I was standing just in front of the baracades and behind me was an angry crowd pushing and shouting.  I began to fear for my safety as a stampede could happened anytime.  I decided that by hook or by crook I must forced my way out.  Finally I managedd to get out of the mess in one piece.   It was indeed a nightmare in the early morning.


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